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Balance is essential.

If you’re an animal owner, this site is full of resources that are going to make your life easier and your animals happier.

After all, healthy animals are our thing!

shootbig3We all want to have healthier, happier animals. Animals who live longer lives with vitality and zest, who are balanced and happy, and perhaps even animals that reach incredible levels of performance with you, their partner. The question is: How do we find that?

Well, I’m here to help. With over a decade of experience working with animals holistically and as long-time animal lovers ourselves, I know a thing or two about healthy, happy animals. In truth, it is my passion to help each and every one of my animal clients, and you, their person, to reach that potential. And I’m so grateful that you’ve arrived here to learn more.

When I say holistic, I really mean it. I’ve trained and practice everything from equine massage and acupressure, to flower essences and aromatherapy, to BodyTalk and Reiki, nutritional consultation and saddle fit, to hoof balance and the list goes on… I’m here for you whether you’re wanting to work on optimizing your animals well-being or you’re dealing with a strange ailment or lameness that no one else can figure out.

What is BalanceWorks Wellness? This holistic wellness company on Vancouver Island was founded in 2005 by animal lover, horsewoman and equine sport therapist Alexa Linton. Alexa is well-known for fantastic results and here’s why: (1) BalanceWorks is all about collaboration – ¬†Alexa loves collaborating with other professionals to optimize health and healing for your animal (2) It’s all about your animal – it’s incredibly important that the priority stays right where it needs to be, on your animal and their well-being so don’t be surprised if Alexa refers you to someone she believes can be of help or takes extra time to ensure your animal gets the best treatment possible (3) Alexa love animals and it shows! Each animal receives lots of love and focused attention because they, like you, are a part of our extended family.

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