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Let us help. We have over 20 years combined experience in holistic health for horses and we would love to help you get into the saddle and off on your best rides yet.

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Whether you feel ready to deepen and strengthen your connection with your equine companion, or you are pulling your hair out trying to understand a new or stressed out horse, Alexa is the gal for the job! At BalanceWorks we are dedicated to enhancing the health, performance and stamina of your horse and optimize your partnership. With over a decade of experience and positive change in thousands of horses and their owners, the results speak for themselves.

IMG_6985Alexa uses a relaxing blend of healing tools designed to restore harmony and balance to your horse in all aspects. These include equine massage, acupressure, Reiki, Applied Kinesiology, nutritional consultation, BodyTalk, saddle fitting and much more. Her goal is to work with each horse uniquely to optimize their health and performance, as well as the partnership they share with their person through our sessions and workshops.

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Is Equine Sport Therapy right for my horse? What are the benefits?

In only a few sessions, the majority of our horsey clients are more relaxed, happy, supple, and willing. In fact, many owners notice a positive shift in their equines almost immediately.

And that’s besides the fact that your horse will love it!

Here are just a few of the benefits…

Physically: improves function of all systems, increased suppleness and balance in muscular system, improves coat condition, aids and prevents joint stiffness, arthritis, laminitis, and colic, decreases owner anxiety.

Emotionally: Increases sense of happiness and enjoyment, releases negative emotions, resolves negative past experiences or trauma, increases trust and respect.

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BalanceWorks Wellness, is based in the beautiful Cowichan Valley in BC with regular trips on Vancouver Island (from Duncan to Qualicum Beach) and to Saltspring and Gabriola Island. Alexa Linton also teaches workshops across Canada focusing on animal wellness and the partnership between animals and their owners.