Here at BalanceWorks Wellness, animal well-being is our thing! So, it goes without saying that we work with little critters too. Several of our team members are trained in canine nutrition and massage and Alexa (that would be me), has over 10 years of experience working holistically with cats, dogs birds,  goats, alpacas and many more wonderful species! And be sure to check our event page for all the great animal well-being workshops and events coming up. P L A N T  A  T R E E (1)

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As well, if you’re a dog person, make sure to check out my collaboration project Pure Potential Canine. We offer fabulous canine retreats on a 27 acre property here in the Cowichan Valley as well as canine massage! Check out our 2014 offerings here.

Is your pet out of balance?

Our pets are an essential part of our families. We want them to be as healthy and happy as possible. Let’s get them feeling great!

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