Success Stories

I attended the Animal Access workshop this summer in Toronto, ON with Alexa. It was absolutely amazing. I was lucky enough to meet Whinnie, a young French bulldog.  Strangers to start the day, friends by the end; Whinnie was kind enough to be my partner for the day.  I had know idea what to expect from the course, but it was such a joy to watch Whinnie and all the dogs there transform. Seeing the expressions on their faces relax, become more comfortable and less anxious, was really a gift. Taking the Animal Access course was time well spent, it is nice knowing there are simple and safe ways I can help maintain my animals health.

—Kimberly Swan

Bobby, my 5 yr old male Golden Retriever had a compromised immune system, dysplasia in one hip, trauma in the other, a disc that pressed on his spinal cord plus a few other problems, including food intolerances.  When walking, he would stagger.  The vet’s last resort was to put him on prednisone which I could not do.  It was at this point when I learned about Alexa and her work with animals and since she has worked with him – and with me – Bobby is now able to run which he could not do before, he is able to get up on the couch by himself, his digestion has normalized and he is generally a much happier, more comfortable dog.  It’s a joy to watch him having fun and wanting to play – again, which he just could not do before Alexa’s sessions with us.

—Jan Matthews

Change your thoughts, change your life
We are all doing better…. And Bones and I had big cuddles and he is already calmer.

—Joanne MacNamara