Pacific Essences for Animals – Medicine from Nature

Sabina Pettitt - Founder of Pacific Essences

Sabina Pettitt – Founder of Pacific Essences

Here at BalanceWorks  Wellness we are so excited to be offering Pacific Essences remedies for sale. These are the flower essences  I have been using for years with my clients, both human and animal, with amazing results! These vibrational remedies are made with love in East Sooke, British Columbia for you and your animals. Sabina Pettitt, the co-founder, is passionate about healthy animals and owners and last year developed an entire line of essences just for animals (and yes, you can use them too). Check them out!


Pacific Essences for Animals

Vibrational remedies, in my experience, are one of the most gentle and effective ways to bring balance and healing to our animals. They have no side effects and no contraindications. They work on a vibrational level on every level, helping with everything from behavior and anxiety to digestion and allergies. Do you see something below that sounds perfect for one of your animals? Want to know more? Download this great guide.

There are 20 animal essence blends to choose from ($22 each/30mL spray bottle):

Pacific Essences

Emergency Kit

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