Pacific Essences


25% off until March 22, 2013!

Here at BalanceWorks  Wellness we are so excited to be offering Pacific Essences remedies for sale. These are the flower essences  I have been using for years with my clients, both human and animal, with amazing results! These vibrational remedies are made with love in East Sooke, British Columbia for you and your animals. Sabina Pettitt, the co-founder, is passionate about healthy animals and owners.

If you are needing a little helping hand with self-worth, cleansing and detoxing, financial abundance, vitality, finding balance, increasing intuition, relationships, heart healing, or pretty much anything else, check these out. They are so gentle and so effective, creating subtle and lasting shifts on all levels (physical, emotional, energetic and spiritual).


Energy Medicine: Healing from the Kingdoms of Nature (2nd edition) – $29







Energy Medicine Cards (72 full colour cards) – $35






Pacific Essences for Animalsbdoghoodie

Essences are amazing for animals too! Gentle, effective and safe for all, essences work powerfully with physical issues, behavioural concerns and emotional imbalance. Learn more here.

Individual Essences

Sometimes an individual essence is the perfect thing for you! Or if you’re wanting to create your own blends this is the way to go. Check out all 52 Pacific Essences here.

Pacific Essences Combination Remedies 


The Heart Spirit® essence dissolves old heart pain and encourages us to truly embrace the ‘spirit of the heart’.

In Traditional Chinese Medicine the ‘spirit of the heart’, or Shen, is often translated as ‘God’. Heart Spirit® inspires the individual using it to embrace their divinity and to radiate Light.Heart Spirit® kindles a space/time in our consciousness where we are able to respond from our hearts with generosity and ease. Available in spray, oil and essence.



Balancer® essence is a powerful adjunct to any holistic health first aid kit. It can be taken orally or used in the bath in times of stress and mental or emotional ‘overload.’ It is particularly useful when we feel overwhelmed and unable to cope.

Balancer® is a unique blend of three of the Spring flower essences which can be used in times of stress and trauma, physical or emotional. It acts synergistically on all 12 meridians and the 7 major chakras. Its action is immediate, safe, and effective.



The Abundance essence is a combination of plants and minerals in a base of pure spring water and brandy which acts as a preservative. It aligns Body, Mind, Emotions, and Spirit to act in a unified manner to achieve individual goals while forging a connection with the larger flow of all of life. It promotes ‘abundance consciousness.’ Taken orally, the Abundance essence alleviates self doubt, encourages self worth, and promotes willingness to receive and participate in the flow. It is an essence of transformation of consciousness.


kidsStuffFor all the fears (imagined and real) and dramas and traumas of childhood … when a piece of rope looks like a poisonous snake or the wind in the trees is a gang of monsters or we can’t get into bed at night until we’re sure that there is nothing or no one hiding under the bed or in the closet. For when we think the ‘sky is falling in’ or ‘it’s all our fault’ when mum and dad are fighting or when one of them gets sick … or when ‘bad stuff’ happens. Restores innocence and harmony and ‘acceptance of what is’ with calm detachment and lightheartedness. Also for childhood conflicts and sibling rivalry.

Other great combos!

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