Alexa’s Faves:

  • Partnerships between animals and their people
  • BodyTalking
  • Teaching and presenting!
  • Writing and creating
  • Her horse Diva

Alexa Linton

For Alexa, life has felt a bit like a tapestry, a weaving between worlds. Starting out 10 years ago as a Kinesiologist with a life-long passion for horses (and animals of all kinds for that matter) and an immense curiosity about the intricate workings of the human body and mind, Alexa left her cushy job as a personal trainer to follow what she later realized was her heart, to the then unknown field of Equine Sport Therapy. Little did she know that she was about to go on the ride of her life.

Immersed in the black and white world of science until the ripe age of 23, this one choice plunged her into the unknown world of energy medicine, and though she didn’t know it at the time, into her new life. Mind sufficiently blown apart, she emerged 2 years later with a certificate in Equine Sport Therapy, several animals, and a whole new perspective on life.

For several years after, her main and very large teachers were horses. Powerful and highly sensitive, these beautiful animals slowly but surely uncovered Alexa’s natural intuition, feel and patience. Then came the dogs, the cats, the birds, the goats, the alpacas, and last but definitely not least the people. Always a fan of the spotlight, Alexa ventured into the exciting world of teaching, with just a little event planning thrown in (she was one of the minds behind the Healthy Horse Expo, a not-for-profit equine expo in Victoria, BC).

Then seven years ago, on a search for a modality that could work effectively with so many species, Alexa discovered the BodyTalk System. It was a perfect fit, a potent combination of left brain logic and right brain intuition, constantly evolving and with the most amazing results. Her enthusiasm found her as a Certified BodyTalk Practitioner within several months and continuing boldly onward to the variety of advanced modules available. All those completed, Alexa was ready to re-visit her passion for teaching and became certified to teach BodyTalk Access for Animals in February of 2011.

Now 10 years down the road, the adventures continue daily. Alexa is a student of life, with her main teachers at present being her business, her horse Diva and her new ventures at, and She finds herself fascinated by the possibilities of reaching more and more people like herself, interested in deepening relationships with self and others and reaching the heights of their potential. You can definitely look forward to some very powerful offerings in the near future.

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